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Author's Note

TweakVB has been a wonderful exercize in product development, VB hacking, and experimentation but unfortunately, the time has come to bring to an end this chapter of my life.

I'm happy to assist existing customers in any way that I can and if you are still interested in TweakVB's capabilities, email me at
info at tweakvb dot com
and we can discuss it further.

You might also wish to check out to the newest bits I'm working on, random thoughts, rants and the like. Email me or feel free to comment via my blog. I'm always happy to chat!

Furthermore, definitely check out the very similar projects vbAdvance (also no longer being developed or supported) and ThunderVB (an open source project with some similar features).


I am occasionally available for consulting services in the areas of Visual Basic performance analysis and enhancement, SQL Server optimization, COM, DCOM, and more. I've built TRY CATCH style error handling into Visual Basic 6 when it was thought impossible. I've built interfaces to allow Visual Basic Projects to become WordPerfect Add-Ins. I've created object libraries that make multithreading in VB6 straightforward, yet powerful.

In short, I can help you make the impossible-in-VB a reality.

Old Stuff

Unfortunately, I've gotten a few too many orders coming through to leave the old site up any longer, so I'm taking it offline. I encourage you to check out the links above on alternatives or email me direct for more information if you're still interested. Thanks.